Work for Us

Running a busy farm takes a lot of people and everyone of our team fully believes in our regenerative approach. By putting the soil first everything benefits, whether thats crops, livestock or the natural wildlife that has its home on our farm. At any one time there’s more than a dozen people working to keep the farm ticking, below are just a few of those.

Will Goff

From an early age Will grew up on and around farms and farming and it was in his blood from the start. Will attended agricultural college and it was there that he started to take note of this new style of farming coming out of America. Regenerative Farming practices quickly became a passion for him and indeed a way of life. Will today continues to bring new ideas and creative ways to enhance the natural environment in and around the farm.

Farm Apprentice

Those at Foxburrow farm are always keen to share what they know with the next generation and make sure that the regeneration message is passed along. Giving agricultural students some real experience on a working farm is something that the team are all very passionate about.

Farm Manager

John is the man on the ground making the all important daily decisions of what needs to be done and ensuring that the whole farm team are working together efficiently. Experienced in regenerative farming practices John is the go to guy on the farm for any questions, if John doesn’t know the answer its likely that no-one will.


Agronomists are scientist whose area of study is plants and soil in order to increase soil productivity; develop better cultivation, planting and harvesting techniques; improve crop yield, quality of seed and nutritional values of crops; and solve problems of agricultural industry. They provide the data that backs up what we can see, which is better soils, produce better yields.

Foxburrow Farm

Foxburrow Farm is a diverse farming business based in Mid-Norfolk, UK not far from the market town of Dereham. The farm is proud to be using regenerative practices in order to improve the soils, capturing carbon and providing better quality crops and healthier livestock.

Our Blog

We are always keen too share what works well for us.
In our opinion the benefits of no-till farming are numerous and far outnumber those of tillage-based systems.
Cover crops make 100% sense to us, a field with something growing even weeds is enriching the soil and capturing carbon, a brown ploughed field is doing no good to anything.