We are not using regenerative farm practices to be cool; we are not becoming an organic farm to be hip, we are doing this because we believe that the right solution is a sustainable one.

Farming is in the family DNA, we have farmed the land for many generations always learning from one generation to the next. It’s shocking to see that best practice from several generations ago has come to the fore once more as it becomes apparent how many modern farming practices have damaged the soil.

Here at Foxburrow farm, we look for the right thing to do, not in the short term but in the long-term for the next generation whose turn it is to be guardian of our land.

How are we sustainable, the truth is we endeavour to be sustainable in everything we do, here are a few examples.

Cover Crops
Protecting Water Ways
Tree and Hedge Planting
Wildlife Protection

‘Regenerative organic agriculture is really the future.’

6 Principles of soil health...

While every farm is different, there are several basic principles that farmers use to build healthy soil.

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We are always keen too share what works well for us.
In our opinion the benefits of no-till farming are numerous and far outnumber those of tillage-based systems.
Cover crops make 100% sense to us, a field with something growing even weeds is enriching the soil and capturing carbon, a brown ploughed field is doing no good to anything.