Carbon Capture through Regenerative Farming

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Once again, this year we will look to use Cover Crops and again we will look to a mix of black Oats; Winter Vetch; Phacelia; Linseed; Oil Radish The mixes are constructed to provide us with a multi-species crop that will provide a good variety of rooting types and depths. This is key to getting the most carbon capture possible and to harvest nutrients that can be stored for future use and prevent run-off.

Following an encouraging response and some excellent results in 2019 we are again looking at how Cover and Catch Crops can benefit and further enhance the efforts to protect and boost both soil and water quality. We will then share this data with other interested farmers as part of our wider involvement with The Upper Wensum Cluster Farm Group.

Although our phosphate levels are overall good, the surrounding lands have some higher than desired nitrate levels and cover crop mixes are one of our best solutions to impact winter nitrate leaching.

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