Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels have been part of our company group for many years, although the farming heritage reaches back even further. Fossil fuels in our group of businesses means heating oil, and for many in the UK heating oil is still the only cost-efficient energy source. We also believe that on the horizon are a number of biofuels that will provide a far cleaner and greener fuel source for the UK. You can keep up to date on some of the latest developments in greener heating fuels via this website created by OFTEC and UKIFDA

Therefore, in the meantime we aim to ensure that Goff Heating Oil our oil distribution company is one of the greenest in the UK. Our heating oil customers can now offset their carbon usage through our pioneering scheme that is investing in regenerative farming approach right here in the UK.

Its true that by just transitioning 10-20 percent of agricultural production to best practice regenerative systems  we will sequester enough CO2 to reverse climate change and restore the global climate, now thats got to be a good thing.

Testing hvo

Due to our connections in the fuel sector we have been able to secure some HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil). This is a new fuel with considerably lower carbon impact, we are currently trialling this on our tractors and farm machinery. If the trial runs smoothly we will feed this information back to Goff Heating Oil who will then be able to market this product to a wider audience, with real confidence. This means that we can all benefit from a greener fuel.

‘Regenerative organic agriculture is really the future.’

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While every farm is different, there are several basic principles that farmers use to build healthy soil.

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In our opinion the benefits of no-till farming are numerous and far outnumber those of tillage-based systems.
Cover crops make 100% sense to us, a field with something growing even weeds is enriching the soil and capturing carbon, a brown ploughed field is doing no good to anything.