Carbon Capture through Regenerative Farming

Mixing it up

This year we decided to make our very own mix of cover crop seeds to ensure that we got exactly the right types and quantities of species for our environment. We ordered the seeds we needed in bulk and then trialled a number of different ways of mixing them with different degrees of success. The standout winner though was to measure what we needed and then throw it in the cement mixer ensuring that all the different species get well and truly mixed.

Fingers crossed this fast and efficient, if somewhat un-orthodox method will result in some great ground cover and will help maintain and enrich our soils across the farm. 

Keep an eye on our blog later in the year when we hope to be able to share the results.

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We are always keen too share what works well for us.
In our opinion the benefits of no-till farming are numerous and far outnumber those of tillage-based systems.
Cover crops make 100% sense to us, a field with something growing even weeds is enriching the soil and capturing carbon, a brown ploughed field is doing no good to anything.