Carbon Capture through Regenerative Farming

Farmers being paid to retire?

Really you might ask, Is it true that farmers are being paid to retire?

Well the shortest answer is yes.

Some older farmers are resistant to new “green” methods, Environment Secretary George Eustice believes, and he wants them to move on. It seems that the government is just the latest fan of regenerative farming methods and the large and very positive impact they could have on environmental issues.

It seems like with many trades those who have been doing it the longest are often the hardest to get to change their ways. But as the science behind carbon sequestration gets stronger and the global environment argument gets louder it seems the government feels it needs to take the unprecedented step of encouraging older farmers to step aside and let the next generation of farmers step in.

In the words of Environment Secretary George Eustice “Some older farmers are resistant to new “green” methods”

If this has sparked your interest you can read more in this BBC article.




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