Carbon Capture through Regenerative Farming

CropTec a Success

It was great to attend CropTec 2021 at the East of England Show in Peterborough last week.

The event was very busy and it was packed with great talks and numerous interesting exhibition stands that always leave me feeling inspired and full of ideas for Foxburrow farm.

The debate on Regenerative Farming, that I was on the panel for, was definitely thought provoking and I was proud to be representing Foxburrow Farm and having the opportunity to both share and learn from others best practices. It was good to take stock of just how far forward the farm has moved and exciting that there is still so much more we can do.

Thanks again CropTec and I look forward to visiting again next year.


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We are always keen too share what works well for us.
In our opinion the benefits of no-till farming are numerous and far outnumber those of tillage-based systems.
Cover crops make 100% sense to us, a field with something growing even weeds is enriching the soil and capturing carbon, a brown ploughed field is doing no good to anything.