Carbon Capture through Regenerative Farming

Controlled traffic farming

Controlled traffic farming (CTF) is a key resource at Foxburrow Farm as we aim to reduce our production costs and increase yields while simultaneously improving soil health and delivering positively to the environment.

Traditionally much of the time and energy we put into our soils is to undo the damage we have caused by driving machines all over them. Modern machines are getting heavier and the damage to our soils is getting deeper and deeper.

Controlled traffic farming turns our present production systems on their head by leaving 80 – 90% of fields permanently without compaction. The aim is to limit soil compaction to the smallest possible area, these tram lines then become the only areas used by machines. To achieve this means that we use 10m width frames for any of our machine led processes and that has been the result of many years of planning and thinking.

We are confident that our land is driven over as few times as seemingly possible and when the land is driven over it is always within these designated tram lines, allowing 80-90% of the land to benefit from have no compression

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